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13 November 2008 @ 09:37 pm
Dice Wars: The Final Edition  
I changed my layout! I'm really sort of happy with it, it being a lot cleaner than my last one. I doubt I'll be using speckled backgrounds on lj for awhile.

Top Gear season 12 started this month! But I've only seen the first episode, but ohmygosh Oliver! Watch Oliver in 10x4 to understand. African adventure ftw! Also, I like that that site has lots of show episodes on the page instead of mucking about with outsourcing (especially when you can't view it without signing up >_<). They don't have season 12 up, for that its falls to trusty Sidereel.

Classes for next semester are all registered for and I actually have 15 hours, a first! It will be my last semester of Latin, meaning that I have one more semester of weekly panic and inability. And then I'll get to actually start my Anthropology major. Oh goodie.

My Egyptian term paper has been moved back a week! :D I will be able to sleep this weekend, isn't that wonderful? The beginning of November is dreadful, all the classes have papers due so close to each other and yet that still does nothing to quell my tendencies toward procrastination. Shiny flash games are such a distraction.
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