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One foot on the ground
14 March 2009 @ 03:49 pm
Happy Pi Day! Its a good nerdy weekend, it is. Tomorrow is the Ides of March, on which I will be studying for a Latin exam. Yes, that amuses me too.

I've fallen off the radar these last few months, so this is partially an announcement that I am floating around here somewhere. Hello to those I haven't spoken too in awhile. How are you? I hope you are doing well.

Now to the point. I am in the Anthropology class which requires a zoo trip. I plan on going next Saturday, March 21st. I want to be there when Lincoln Park Zoo opens at 10a. So that means that if anyone is willing to join me, the meeting time will be 8.30 or so. I'm not looking at schedules or doing any real travel calculations in my head, but that time seems about right. Definitely before 9a, what with relying on the CTA and all.

If you have any interest in going, leave me a comment here. By Tuesday I hope to have facts perfectly cemented, and will DM relevant people on friendslist. So if you like monkeys and are free the morning of March 21st, come along to the zoo!
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One foot on the ground
13 November 2008 @ 09:37 pm
I changed my layout! I'm really sort of happy with it, it being a lot cleaner than my last one. I doubt I'll be using speckled backgrounds on lj for awhile.

Top Gear season 12 started this month! But I've only seen the first episode, but ohmygosh Oliver! Watch Oliver in 10x4 to understand. African adventure ftw! Also, I like that that site has lots of show episodes on the page instead of mucking about with outsourcing (especially when you can't view it without signing up >_<). They don't have season 12 up, for that its falls to trusty Sidereel.

Classes for next semester are all registered for and I actually have 15 hours, a first! It will be my last semester of Latin, meaning that I have one more semester of weekly panic and inability. And then I'll get to actually start my Anthropology major. Oh goodie.

My Egyptian term paper has been moved back a week! :D I will be able to sleep this weekend, isn't that wonderful? The beginning of November is dreadful, all the classes have papers due so close to each other and yet that still does nothing to quell my tendencies toward procrastination. Shiny flash games are such a distraction.
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One foot on the ground
To my Chicagoland friends. (3 pts)Collapse )

Heroes and The Big Bang Theory (2pts)Collapse )

When you are done, hit post comment and close your test booklet.
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One foot on the ground
28 August 2008 @ 08:38 pm
Its been a month, lets see what's I can remember happening in however long it takes me to type this:
  • Got my hair cut.
  • Started school.
  • Went to two zoos.
  • Today I didn't get sleepy in any of my classes. !!!
  • Made a Twitter and fixed it a bit.
  • Made a post on Piffle Theory.
  • Told sister to upload those photos.
  • Posted here. :)

So now on to the part about my courses.Collapse )
So this semester is looking like fun. Some actual work required, but the topics should prove to be intellectually satisfying.
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One foot on the ground
30 July 2008 @ 05:10 pm
I've decided on a day to go to the zoo. I picked this day to cater to myself, since the attempt to cater to other people seems to make them all complain to Char in some fashion. Weird.

Anyways, it'll be on Tuesday August 5th. If you remember the park on Harlem and Roosevelt, that's where we'll meet starting at 10 at the earliest. Once everyone coming has assembled (10.40 AT THE VERY LATEST) we'll hop on the Blue Line and head downtown. There are two ways to travel there, the first being you pay for one $2 train ride with an approximate mile walk (if not slightly longer) OR a $2 train ride plus a $2 bus ride, but without the extra walking to the entrance. Everyone decide.

There is a park round the zoo, so if (since its not the biggest zoo, depending on how the time is utilized) you want to bring a frisbee or something, that's an option too.

--*If you are going, please be sure to tell me so I know who to expect!*--

Any other questions? Just in case, if I have failed to address anything, or new developments arise, edits shall be made.

EDIT: If you read this, bring water. Lots of it. !!!

E2: Now scheduled for W of the same week!
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One foot on the ground
24 July 2008 @ 03:44 pm
No, its not on August 29th, Erica. I'll probably be in school on that day. Not all of us have the luxury of a late start. :P

So the possible days for the zoo trip have been set as August 4, 5, 6, or 7.

If people I talk to aren't specific with what dates are better for them, I'll just pick (then it'll probably be the 5th). So unless I'm persuaded otherwise, I suppose that's the date? *unknowing nervousness to please/appease the most people*

On the yet-to-be-solidly-chosen day, we'll met at 10 near the Harlem Blue Line stop, so in that park. I say 10 because I know people will be late, so we'll leave about 10.30. Then, after a reasonably lengthy journey we'll be at the zoo until its time to home again, in rush hour El traffic to catch one of the later buses.

Reminders: You need CTA/food money, even if the zoo entrance is free.

Requests: Does anyone have a sure fire way of contacting Patty? I don't know if she'd be up for this sort of thing.
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One foot on the ground
16 July 2008 @ 10:32 pm
Hello there people reading this entry! *waves*

This entry is dedicated to the planning of my belated birthday party. It will be held at the zoo. However, since I'm bored of Brookfield it will be Lincoln Park Zoo, which is good because it seems to be free everyday!!! :D The zoo opens at 9a and closes at 6a.

What I need to get input on is when this little get together should be, I can get everyone info on meet times/travel after the day is settled and those not online are contacted. I think a Tuesday or a Thursday is best, and more than a week from now. So here are the available dates: Tuesday, July 29 or Tuesday, August 5. Its either one of those two dates or the following week. It will probably also count as a "crap! its almost school again!!" gathering while we all still have a bit of time.

Though it is free to enter the zoo, you'll still need some public transport/food/trinket money. I'd like to plan it for a nice day, however I've not yet mastered control of the weather. :(

**Please leave a comment and give me some idea of your state of mind about the whole thing?
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One foot on the ground
I have never been so disappointed with a show as I am with the season finale of Bones, and I've seen Heroes season 2. Why do writers never know how to write my favorite characters? ;_; Creepy!Hodgins ftw, though. That ending really ruined everything previous episodes have said. I don't think I can watch anymore, not the way I did. Not even Hodgins and Sweets can keep me watching so excitedly, which just shows how upsetting that was. It would have been more acceptable if the actor wanted to leave the show, but where the writers pulled that episode from probably shouldn't be mentioned in respectable society. Gormagon was interesting, why turn the story line into a boring conclusion. It would have been better if something was revealed to the audience but not the cast, just a single scene at the end of the episode to prepare for a more in depth conclusion next season. Or if it had been a twist where someone took down Gormagon on their own or something. ...This has turned into a way to pick up my spirits, so it shall end (since Hillary is probably the only one who has seen any Bones).

House was an excellent ending to the season, even though it was so incredibly sad. I almost forgot what it was like to enjoy and agree with a season finale for any show, good job House! I have a lot of hope for NCIS, especially with the last two episodes (Ziva & Jimmy are ♥s!).

On a different side of things, the anime crowd is making me want to go to some sort of convention. I'll see if I have the money to waste five years from now. (Doctor Who guys are easy to pick to cosplay as, but what girl companion could I be? I'd pick Leela if I was better at sewing and was more comfortable in my own skin.)
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One foot on the ground
Purpose of post: I'm twenty. Twenty years of life on this planet. I mean to try to score my life based of typical lines of division for the various aspects society has come up with. This has been a long time coming.

If you have a short attention span to all things me, you probably wouldn't have even made it this far. Good job!Collapse )
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One foot on the ground
17 April 2008 @ 05:22 pm
My explanation for why IA only gets posted here.

"My exclusivity is non-selective."

Do tell me I didn't warn you of the lengthCollapse )

I'd like to apologize to Charles Dickens.
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One foot on the ground
Musicals. One of today's most deadly distractions. This media form has turned into a global pandemic affecting today's youth. This drug can be found through human history, however in recent generations its popularity has increased to make it the menace it is today. With its popularity it has spawned certain trendy packages which are currently in demand in most major metropolises. The drug mostly came to fame do to the reactions it produces within the body. The body's reactions include twitching facial muscles and extremities, humming, and a lightness of mood. Depending on the person, these effects can last from a few hours to a week before completely dissipating.

However, researchers have stated that, other than the initial reactions, those who have only used this stimulant once or twice will not experience the effects of prolonged usage. When consumed at least three times, Musicals begin to break down the concentration centers of the brain, releasing dangerous toxins into the blood stream. The residual amount of the drug left behind with each use increases the amount, and intensity, of the flashbacks, episodes that produce similar feelings to the original experience.

Trafficking is done during the day, but night is when all the heavy users go out for their fixes. Musicals are irrevocably changing youth worldwide, leading people down a dangerous path to become musical comedy stars. The effects of this on future laws and generations has yet to be seen, but it can be accurately stated that Musicals have created their lasting place in pop culture. For better or for worse, so Be Prepared! *gigglesnort*
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One foot on the ground
28 January 2008 @ 10:50 pm
...I finally changed my layout! :D I'm so glad that that old dull grey monstrosity is gone. This new layout's header was not made by me, however. I don't have excessive time this semester for graphics like last semester. :( The people in the header are from BBC's Robin Hood, characters of Will Scarlett and Djaq. If it had Allan I'd be tempted to never get rid of it. :P

So, while I'm here and all, I should probably do a bit of an update of my life this past month.

University: This semester is looking as though it will be time consuming. Not challenging (unless you count how far I can stretch my procrastination), but full of reading material.

Social: I've been realizing who are the ones that I'm missing. Problem with this is me feeling awkward about doing anything about it. Also, I want to try to improve certain aspects of my personality and general moods. At this time I am not that confident about this project.

Personal: Restlessness has set in a bit. I need to get out and move. Walk, run, dance, slid - I just don't want to do that around most people that much. Ran a block this weekend, first time in ages without a bus to catch, and I forgot it can be enjoyable.

Internet: Ohmygosh! I just won first and second place in two different icontests! ^_^ Its been about a year, including the breaks, since I started making graphics and I'm proud to say I have actually improved. (Not that I don't still produce crap, 'cause I do.) I'll post banners to esdlsd when they are made with the icons.
View winning results here: robin_icontest & monkeestills

EDIT: Its been over four years since I first started this journal. I feel so old and so much better than my past self. Even if I still have so far to go.
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One foot on the ground
31 December 2007 @ 06:14 pm
I've been really rude recently, and without meaning too. Has whatever tact I have left me for sunnier climes?

Good news: I somehow managed to get all A's! I've no idea how I did it. Even Latin. The others were real easy, even if I did panic after slacking off. Getting an A in Latin made my day. Problem is I just remembered that I should go over Latin so I remember it for next semester. Drats!

Saturday was the day that broke me. I have been able to enjoy my cluttered and dusty room for over 19 years. As of today I've started to clean it out. This is mainly because I got a new computer desk. ! Its all in now and it only took me around seven hours to clean, move, set up, and tidy. And that's only a fraction of my room. My bed still needs to be cleared off, but that shouldn't take long. I'm giving myself a semester to finish up cleaning up/out my room. I'm taking tomorrow off though, my entire upper body has begun to ache.

During the cleaning I've managed to hit my head at least three times, two of which were bad enough to make me get an ice pack. It seems Tact and Coordination have eloped. They could have given me some warning, I would have taped a pillow to my head.
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One foot on the ground
03 December 2007 @ 10:21 pm
So recently it has gotten cold enough here to snow (even if it wasn't much and didn't last long) and currently the water has frozen random bits of the sidewalk with thin, well concealed patches of ice.

Today, leaving the BSB, I had my official first fall of this winter season. :) It was a pretty good fall too, took me by complete surprise. I was there walking down the outside steps in a lively pace when all of a sudden WHOOSH! I was in the air! My legs kicked out completely and hovered with me at a nauseating one feet above the ground! Before any survival techniques could kick in, before any thoughts could cross my mind, I could feel gravity begin to tug on my coat hem (seeing as I wore no shirt tails at the time). Down, down I fell until, after what seemed four seconds, the ground and I reestablished our relationship. Startled and slightly dazed from the brief but action packed affair between the ground and my posterior I got up while replying to a witness to the brief fling. Walking away with neither pain nor pleasure in my heart or elsewhere I felt I was just witness to the start of a new season in both our existences.
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